The other day I shared a very short video which was my entry for a film project/competition called the Reel Challenge, and I had understood it as essentially a miniature exercise in silent film acting. Today I was rummaging around in my computer and I stumbled on this, which, though it had a different genesis has similarities with the Reel Challenge one. Had I not participated in the former, I probably would not have thought it worthwhile to have shared the latter. With respect to how it came about, where is the line between a rehearsal, an exercise and a performance piece ? Czerny, the teacher of Liszt and the student of Beethoven composed exercises for pianists but and yet there were not just mindless drills but also free-standing musical works. Anyway, back to the film; about a year ago I had run out of money for acting classes, and partly because I only apply for projects that interest me (which means that I apply for relatively few projects) I wasn’t doing any acting. Which is sad. So I thought, what can I do on my own? Isn’t acting by definition one of the only arts that, even if you do it on your own (a monologue or soliloquy) the character is alone, but the actor is not – because there is an audience. But are you still an actor if you haven’t got an audience? To my surprise I think the answer can be yes, you are. Why? Because a camera, any camera, and the content on my youtube channel has been made with very rudimentary equipment, is itself a kind of audience, even if very few people ever see it.